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Meet Guest Speaker Dr. Kenneth Power

"I am a board-certified Family Physician with 20+ years experience in primary care and palliative care. I believe in evidence-based medicine and keep current with literature through online sources and conference CMEs. I have experience in aggressive primary risk reduction using the most up to date modalities: these include advanced lipid analysis, inflammation markers, (genetic) polymorphism-directed treatment of hypertension, functional testing of bowel health (pre and probiotics research); allergy, immunology, and mast cell assessment (MCAS); as well as bioidentical hormone replacement.

I believe in combating disease through lifestyle modification - for example, I enjoy working with patients to explore nutrition-based programs to treat Type 2 diabetes: utilizing strict dietary guidance, anaerobic exercise, and gradual medication reduction some patients can become free of medication for glucose control! Despite rapid changes in technology and the trend towards hands-off care, I still feel there is great value in developing a sincere patient-physician relationship through routine, scheduled physician visits.

Most people still desire a personal interaction, while expecting a 'high tech, high touch' experience. Developing trust is critical to safely managing the many chronic diseases a primary care physician sees, while championing a balanced approach of 'medication vs. patient-centered goals' appropriate to each patient’s lifestyle and level of motivation. To me that’s the challenge of primary care - and what keeps me motivated and engaged."

Kenneth H Power, MD

Dr. Power will be speaking on Friday morning to discuss ways to take care of yourself.

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